Our Winery Story

Ammon’s Horn Wines is a small, family-owned wine producer, located in the Napa Valley in the Los Carneros District (Spanish for “The Rams”). This area is famous for its luxury Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Unlike most other wineries in the Carneros region, Ammon’s Horn Wines is very small. Our 1,200 annual case production includes both still and coming soon, sparkling wines, all created from our estate-grown pinot noir vineyards.

Here, in the coolest part of the Napa Valley, wine grape flavors slowly evolve over the growing season, coaxed along by warm days but chilly evening temperatures, with typical morning fog off of the San Francisco bay. Our vineyards were established in 2002 on one of the last parcels in the region to be planted to grapevines. The land was originally part of the 1836 Spanish land grant called “Rancho Rincon de Los Carneros”. The vineyard blocks on the property are entirely pinot noir, but are different clones, each with different flavor profiles. Unlike most of the Carneros region that is notorious for being groundwater deficient, our estate boasts an artesian well with excellent quality and quantity and is the envy of surrounding vineyards! The estate grapevines, however, require little irrigation, as their deep roots also have also discovered this unusual water source.

Since the planting of the vineyards, the owners have sold their grapes to several different well-known wineries in the Napa Valley, which have produced many award-winning Pinot Noir wines. Ammon’s Horn Wines is the owners new venture in producing estate wines, rather than selling their grapes to other local wineries. Their exquisite wines showcase what a great decision this was, indeed!


3010 Cuttings Wharf Road, Napa, CA 94559

info@ammonshornwines.com | 707-265-7970

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